Be it switches or complex control units: in all our products, there is passion for safety and quality!

Be it product development or cost-effective small scale production, be it control switch, emergency push button, individually bent wire bridge, switching consoles, cables and plugs, control switches, cable packaging, switches, control units, control cabinets, block switches, changeover contactors or compact reversing contactors - whatever we do, we do it with passion, a distinctive quality awareness and an uncompromising value orientation.

Our products

Control switch

Contactor control circuit, machines and conveyors

The manually actuated control pendants, produced by K + B, are manually operated switches for contactor control circuit or direct control of machines and conveyor systems. Our switches are primarily used for floor control of chains and rope hoists, like they are used in most factories like Lasthebemittel.

The switch cabinets of the control switches are usually made of high-quality thermoplastic materials that are characterized by high shock and impact resistance, they are climate and corrosion resistant as well as resistant to fuel, sea water, fats, oil and lye.

We produce more than 65,000 control switches annually in seven different types and many hundreds of versions with different placement for DEMAG.

Our control switches with LCD display for load display and bus control units rationalize loading and recording.

The control switches in detail:
+ DSC or DSC-S control switch
+ DSE series control switch
+ DSM control switch
+ Rocker handle control switch
+ D-Grip control switch
+ DSK control switch
+ DST control switch

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Switching devices

Contactors and geared limit switch

Our contactors are used in control systems for lifting devices and equipment. A part of the annually produced volume of about 60,000 contactors is used in our own cabinet construction. Geared limit switches are mainly used on hoists as a lift cut-out. They are also suitable for limiting the travel path - for mounting on hoisting platforms, roller doors, flanged wheels for rails, etc.

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Switch gears

From simple switch cabinet to complex switching devices

We mount switch cabinets primarily for the control of drive motors on lifting and handling systems with conveyors with cable cross-section of up to 50mm² in the circuit. The mounting ranges from a simple reverse circuit to complex switching devices with frequency converter and extensive measuring sensor.

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Component production

Know-how and components for perfect assembly units

With our know-how, electronic and electro-technical components and our assembly workstations and testing equipment, we are able to develop and produce complete assembly units for you.

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Cables and wires

Know-how and components for perfect assembly units

K + B assembles cables according to your specifications. Most standard cables and wires are supplied by us and can be attached with a variety of contact agents (cable lugs, eyelets, receptacles, plugs, etc.). Missing parts are procured cost-effectively and at short notice. Cables and wiring harnesses with complete plug of any type are not a problem. We handle mainly wires from 0.25 to 2.5 mm². We can also handle wires with large cross-sections.

Get in touch with us and find out about prefabricated cables, control cables and wires!

Wire bridges

Economic manufacturing of customized wire bridges with multiple bending levels

In addition to simple U-bridges, we offer you wire bridges according to your specific requirements and drawings. We can mechanically and economically in any condition produce many bending levels and beading for protection in the circuit board prior to soldering. We manufacture and process your wire bridges from bare, tinned, silver plated, painted, or insulated wires with PVC, PTFE and silicone. For you, we handle wire sizes from 0.25 to 4.0 mm and a stretched length of 19 mm. we also handle wire resistors and diodes for you.

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Simple U-bridges
Bridges with several bending levels
Bridges with beading
  • Mechanical, cost-effective production
  • Several bending levels and beading
  • Wire thickness 0.25 to 4.0 mm
  • Plain, tin-plated, silver-plated, lacquered plated
  • PVC, PTFE or silicone insulation
  • Wires, wire resistors, diodes
  • Material-friendly bending technology
  • Prototype, economical small scale, large scale

Testing Equipment

Safety and quality through 100% check

All safety-relevant parts and components are subject to systematic inspection of our production process. Among other things, force/displacement, measurements, current and resistance measurement as well as mechanical testing are carried out. Components that do not pass these tests 100% are automatically sorted out.

Contact us and learn more about our testing facilities.

NEW: LED lighting systems

Professional LED lighting solution for your business

With our new LED lighting system KB SILVERLINE.PRO, we cover all lighting requirements for your company: from management to production and storage, our system brings the required light intensity and color temperature in traffic areas and working places. It is elegant in design, thoughtfully designed, variable, easy to install and "Made in Germany". More about our LED lighting systems